Data Recovery

Data Recovery

I have many tools to assist in recovering your data. if you find yourself is a situation where you fear you may suffer from a loss of data, here’s the appropriate course of action to take:

  • Stop trying to get the computer to start. If the disk is failing, it is getting worse with each attempt!
  • Switch the computer off at the mains. If you can, shut it down in the normal manner.
  • If you have spilled any liquid on a laptop, unplug it and remove the battery – then turn it upside down.
  • Call or text 07557353862.

Normally, a dying computer disk has a few reads left in it. The quicker you turn the computer off and have it examined by a professional, the greater the chance of avoiding partial or total loss of data. I have many techniques that have proven very successful in recovering data from customers old and new. And, in the event that I should fail, I have a relationship with a professional data recovery specialist. This option, however, is a last resort and can be very expensive – over ten times the amount I would normally charge!