Virus Removal

Got a Virus?

I have sophisticated tools that allow me to perform a ”deep clean” of your computer system. This process is performed in my office and will ensure that your computer system is 100% clean when you get it back. However, removing the virus is only the start of the battle…


First, I need to make sure the virus has been completely removed. This takes a long time. Fortunately, my setup here allows me to work on a large number of machines at once so you’re charged a standard fee for the process rather than the actual time spent. This can literally run into hours as to be safe every single file on your PC needs to be scanned. Some malware create hundreds of thousands of files that need to be cleaned. Generally, the virus removal itself can take 6 hours. Some viruses are cleverly designed and use a method of advanced proliferation to catch out people who run quick or partial system scans.


As you can imagine, the virus might have damaged some files and “opened some doors” within your computer that you don’t know about. It might also have installed remote access software that most virus checkers won’t detect as malicious. But I’ll find it and remove it. I’ll also restore your computer to its optimal settings, repairing any and all damage caused by the virus or malware.


In addition to removing viruses, I will also update all the essential components of your system to ensure that you are protected against future issues. I will provide advise based on your security risk level and will honestly inform you if your current security is inadequate.

If you think your computer might be infected by a virus please contact me now on 01620 85 0284. I normally charge £45 for disinfecting, optimising and cleaning your computer system.

Its extremely rare (these days) that a virus destroys a computer system beyond recovery. They tend to lean towards attempting to hoax their victims into paying money for removal tools or controlling the PC for other illegal means. But if your system is infected beyond recovery I will get it back to the way it was before the infection occurred – with all your files intact.

Please note that if you have experienced a cold caller€ and have allowed them to take control of your system you are definitely infected by rogue remote access software and you need to call me immediately on 01620850284.

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