Adjusting Kaspersky Scan Settings


Sometimes you might find that Kaspersky full scan grinds your system to a halt. This is particularly true of older machines running the 32 bit file system or with less than the maximum available amount of RAM. For these PCs it might be more appropriate to schedule Full scan for a time when you are certain the PC will not be in use. Or, following the instructions below, you can set the scheduled scan to be performed manually.

Open Kaspersky by clicking the icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen. This should appear:


Click the little cog at the bottom left of the screen. You should now see this:


It’s the scan settings that we want to change, so click the word Scan to open these options.


Now, click Scan schedule to see this:


Right now, you can see that the Full Scan is set to be performed every weekend. If your business doesn’t function during the weekends, this is a good time to scan. However, if you want to perform the full scan manually, change the settings as below and click the Save button.


That’s it!

Verify Talking Dictionary

Verifying Talking Dictionary:

Talking Dictionary can be installed on a single computer system only. This allows us to keep the product cost very low. Verification is a process we use to ensure that the license key you were issued has only been used on a single computer system.

Once you have installed Talking Dictionary you have 30 days to verify the product. Verification can be performed automatically if your computer system is connected to the internet.

Note that you can only use your license key to verify a single PC.
Due to the low cost of our product your license cannot be verified more than once.

Automatic (internet / online) Verification:
This is the easiest form of verification. Your PC must be connected to the internet before this control will work.

Start Talking Dictionary if it is not already running.

Press the red Verify button. The Verify Talking Dictionary screen is displayed.

Press the Verify Talking Dictionary Now button to verify the product online.

If an error occurs, please ensure that your firewall is not preventing Talking Dictionary from accessing the internet and try again.

Manual Verification:

Use manual verification when automatic verification fails. Note that you cannot use manual verification if your license key has already been verified on another computer system.

Note that we will withdraw support from any customer who attempts to manually verify their license key after automatically verifying it on another PC. If you require a new license key please purchase one here.

  1. Start Talking Dictionary if it is not already running.
  2. Press the red Verify button. The Verify Talking Dictionary screen is displayed.
  3. Press the Manual button to verify the product manually.
  4. A 4 digit number will be indicated. Send this code to along with your order number.
  5. We will send you Code Two by return mail. Type this code where it is indicated on screen.

Your product will now be verified for use on your computer system.  You will not need to verify your product again unless you upgrade your computer or buy a new computer system.